Energy for Life

For mission critical energy storage applications requiring ultra high power charge and discharge capability, low lifetime cost, rock solid reliability, exceptional inherent safety, and excellent all-around performance, you can count on PowerGenix Nickel Zinc (NiZn) battery technology to offer you “Energy for Life.”


  • Energy for Life” – Safe To Live With! Relax, PowerGenix Nickel Zinc (NiZn) has no toxic lead, cadmium or mercury.
  • Energy for Life” – Safe To Be With! PowerGenix NiZn poses no explosive hazard.
  • Energy for Life” – Well Behaved! NiZn does not require sophisticated control systems.
  • Energy for Life” – Trusted! NiZn is smart and will not fail without warning leaving you stranded.
  • Energy for Life” – A Gold Metal Athlete! Nickel Zinc lasts 3X longer than Lead acid.
  • Energy for Life” – Born Again! NiZn is highly recyclable preserving our natural resources.