Traffic Control BBS:
“By employing PowerGenix’s NiZn technology, our UPStealth™ battery backup systems can be configured to fit into areas in standard traffic cabinets that are not accessible to lead-acid batteries. Paired with the custom designed hinge that allows easy access and removal, this system reduces installation time to less than an hour. NiZn battery backup systems supported by PowerGenix offer a low-cost, reliable solution for cities and municipal agencies across the country.”

- Dan Sisson, Vice President of Research and Development, Blue Earth

12V Stop-Start:
“NiZn holds the potential to provide an ideal replacement for lead-acid by reducing the weight and CO2 emissions of our stop-start engine vehicles. This study marks PSA Peugeot Citroen Automobiles’ interest in working closely with PowerGenix to validate the promise of NiZn technology.”

- Bernard Sahut, Innovation Team Manager at PSA Peugeot Citroen

48V Micro-Hybrids:
“Nickel-Zinc could offer some unique benefits in 48-volt systems. It’s inherently very safe and also promises to provide equivalent emissions reductions, but at a lower cost.”

- Dr. Marc Nalbach, Director Design and Development Energy Management at HELLA

“Based on our test results, the high-power, long-life NiZn batteries made by PowerGenix met SBA micro-hybrid vehicles performance standards”

- Dr. Wang Fang, Head of New Energy Car Test Lab at Tianjin Automotive Test Center

Non-Automotive Applications:
“NiZn batteries, which are ideally suited for a number of our customers worldwide, tremendously strengthen our energy storage portfolio. We will work closely with our customers to introduce a family of NiZn batteries into a range of high value applications. PowerGenix technology combined with our own nickel-based product application and production experience provides a unique platform for our customers to benefit from this technology.”

- Ray Kubis, President of EnerSys Europe

High-Volume Manufacturing:
“PowerGenix Nickel-Zinc is a viable replacement for lead-acid and natural addition to the ATL family of high-performance energy storage products. We believe Nickel-Zinc has a great future because of its ability to meet the performance and cost challenges of Stop-Start automobiles and other commercial applications. Our experience in high-volume battery manufacturing gives us the capability to help PowerGenix accelerate the global adoption of Nickel-Zinc for automotive and other commercial applications.”

- Robert Galyen, CTO of Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (ATL)