How do emergency vehicles respond to disasters when traffic signals fail and traffic gridlocks?
With the power and reliability of PowerGenix batteries and Blue Earth UPStealth™ control systems

Henderson, NV – March 17, 2014 – Blue Earth, Inc., (OTCQB: BBLU) a renewable energy and energy efficiency services company, announced today that its patent pending, intelligent digital battery backup system, designed and manufactured by its wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Earth Energy Power Solutions, has been approved by several States and cities including Oregon Department of Transportation (“DOT”), Utah DOT, Idaho DOT, Alabama DOT, Colorado Region 5, City of Sacramento, CA, City of Camarillo, CA, City of Palmdale,CA, City of Pinebluff, AR, City of Bridgeport, CT, and the Washington DC lite rail, with several more States and cities in the final approval stage.

The UPStealth™ was created for signalized intersections when loss of utility power occurs. UPStealth™ can be formed in various configurations that allow the intelligent battery to bend around corners and fit into spaces that cannot be accessed by traditional battery backup systems. Compared to lead-acid batteries that the UPStealth™ replaces, cost of ownership is less, requires less maintenance, lasts several years longer and Blue Earth EPS offers a finance program, which allows States and municipalities to replace lead-acid battery systems without capital expenditures.

Adam Lough (Signal Engineer Utah DOT Region 3&4) states, “We absolutely love it. It has been rock solid and easy to use. It was so easy to install and fits great without taking up too much room. It is going to be a great solution for us where we don’t have the room or resources to install a UPS cabinet. I have talked to the other regions and we did a demo of it last month in our statewide meeting. Everyone loved it and wants to try them out. The thing they all liked most about it is that it is a ‘plug and play’ device that requires very little maintenance. We are also excited about the great warranty. We need to get it on the contract because there are a lot of locations throughout the state where these will come in very handy. We look forward to working with you as we deploy more of these units.”

According to industry sources, there are an estimated 313,000 signalized traffic intersections in the US and the market potential is approximately $453 million that does not include other substantial potential vertical markets in traffic, such as rail road crossings, freeway ramp monitoring, school zone flashers and vehicle messaging signs and other intelligent transportation applications. UPStealth™ is marketed by nine established distributors with a passion for what it offers the end consumers and who understand the weaknesses of lead-acid battery back up systems.

Debi Sadar (Lead Traffic Operations Engineer, Longmont, Co) states, “Here at the City of Longmont, Colorado we have been evaluating the use of battery backup systems for several years now on our signalized intersections but the costs to outfit some of our intersections was costly due to the fact we would of needed to add on the piggyback cabinets to accommodate the additional equipment needed and this not only was expensive but proved to be a hardship in some locations as the cabinets are where we would have a very hard time fitting in a piggyback cabinet without causing issues with pedestrians getting around them. We started hearing about the Stealth System approximately (3) years ago and decided to look into what it really consisted of, it kind of sounded a bit too good to be true. But after attending a webinar we realized this UPS system is not only the correct choice for us because it eliminated the use of a piggyback cabinet but also did not use the lead-acid batteries which we did not prefer using for safety reasons…”

Blue Earth obtains the batteries from PowerGenix, which has developed and patented a high-power, low-cost Nickel-Zinc battery. The proprietary intelligent battery management software and form factors designed by Blue Earth EPS significantly enhance the performance of the Nickel-Zinc chemistry.

“We are delighted that knowledgeable and respected traffic engineers are embracing our UPStealth™ intelligent digital battery technology,” stated Tim Hysell, Corp Sr. VP Technology and Program Group of Blue Earth, Inc. “We are also excited about the possibilities of marrying our intelligent digital battery technology and energy storage solutions with our patented energy management system to provide peak shaving energy savings for our thousands of customers.”