PowerGenix SubC Battery CellsSubC: NiZn SubC is deployed in traffic control systems throughout North America

  • Superior energy density and service life performance
  • High tolerance to extreme low and high temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Durable and safe
  • Up to 95% energy efficiency
  • Qualified by major power tool and traffic UPS suppliers
  • Free of any transportation restrictions

- NiZn SubC Datasheet


PowerGenix 8Ah Prismatic Battery Cell8Ah: A high power cell optimized for low voltage automotive systems

  • Extreme high rate charge/discharge ability
  • Ideal for applications requiring ultra high bursts of power, and the complementary ability to rapidly accept recharge
  • Leading candidate for 12V to 48V automotive systems

- 8Ah Prismatic Data Sheet


PowerGenix 40Ah Prismatic Cell

40Ah: Ideal building block for stationary storage and grid storage applications

  • Balanced blend of high energy and high power densities
  • High rate charge/discharge capability for voltage and frequency regulation applications
  • Ideal for peak and load shaving ancillary grid storage markets

- 40Ah Prismatic Data Sheet



PowerGenix 80Ah Prismatic_cell80Ah: Optimized single-cell building block for stationary and grid storage applications demanding superior gravimetric and volumetric energy densities

  • High energy density
  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Modular design with minimum thermal packaging constraints
  • Simple, low cost battery management system (BMS) requirements with easy integration
  • Provides excellent short-term ability as a battery backup system to allow generator startups

80Ah Prismatic Data Sheet